PRIME Hydration Bottle Drink 500ml Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

PRIME Hydration Bottle Drink 500ml

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Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Meta Moon, Orange, Ice Pop

Το Prime Hydration η καλύτερη για εσάς επιλογή ενυδάτωσης όπου η λειτουργία και η γεύση προηγούνται. Κάθε μπουκάλι περιέχει 10% νερό καρύδας, μηδενική ζάχαρη, BCAA, αντιοξειδωτικά, ηλεκτρολύτες και ψευδάργυρο για ανοσία σε πέντε γευστικές επιλογές γεύσης: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon Lime και Fruit Punch.

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Άλλες πληροφορίες

Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime & Tropical Punch!

Blue Raspberry που είναι από τις πιο αγαπημένες και γνωστές γεύσεις, όπως θα δεις και στο video παρακάτω.

Lemon lime που αποτελεί κλασική επιλογή και είναι ακραία δροσιστική και πεντανόστιμη. 

Tropical Punch. Εξωτικές γεύσεις που σίγουρα σε αναζωογονούν και είναι κατάλληλες για τους αθλητικούς μας τύπους που θέλουν την απόδοσή τους στα ύψη!

Αξίζει να τα δοκιμάσεις. Τα hydration drinks βγαίνουν επιπλέον σε γεύση ice pop, το πορτοκάλι, το meta moon, το Strawberry Watermelon και το σταφύλι.

PRIME Hydration Bottle Drink 500ml

PRIME Hydration Bottle Drink 500ml was developed to fill the void where great taste meets function. With bold, thirst-quenching flavours to help you refresh, replenish, and refuel, PRIME is the perfect boost for any endeavour. We’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do.

Lemon Lime

Adventures await with Prime’s Lemon Lime Hydration Drink. An all new product brought to you by KSI x Logan Paul, this drink is perfect for those who need a little extra boost. Made with real lemon and lime juice, it’s a refreshing way to stay hydrated and fueled up for whatever the day brings your way. Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading out on a hike, or just need a pick-me-up, this drink has you covered. So grab a bottle and get ready for some fun! Read more.

Tropical Punch

Do you always feel tired? Feeling like you can’t get enough energy no matter how many coffees you drink? Well, Prime has the solution for you. Introducing our new Tropical Punch Hydration Drink, packed with vitamins and minerals to help you stay hydrated and energized all day long.Tasting NotesJust one serving of Prime’s Tropical Punch Hydration Drink provides 500ml of electrolytes and fluids, which is why it’s perfect for those who are always on the go and need an extra boost. Our unique formula also contains KSI x Logan Paul’s special blend of ingredients, including B-vitamins, iron, magnesium, and potassium, that help support a healthy lifestyle. Read more.

Blue Raspberry

Introducing Prime’s all-new Blue Raspberry Hydration Drink! This delicious and refreshing beverage is enhanced with potassium and electrolytes to help keep you hydrated during your workout or anytime you need a pick-me-up. It’s also boosted with B vitamins for energy production and metabolism.

Available Flavours

  • Lemon Lime
  • Tropical Punch
  • Blue Raspberry